Welcome Winter Courmayeur 2020

> Date: December 7, 2019
On Saturday, December 7, 2019, Courmayeur Mont Blanc's winter turned on with the big Welcome Winter event that officially kicked off the 2020 winter season. Cristina Chiabotto and Edoardo Stoppa led the evening on the Jardin de l'Ange stage as they accompanied the audience to the long-awaited push the button moment when Michelin-starred chef Paolo Griffa, pressing the button, simultaneously lit all the illuminations and Courmayeur's wonderful Christmas tree. The musical queen of the event was Giusy Ferreri who warmed up the audience with her big hits and made the whole of Courmayeur sing along. At the end of the event a fireworks show lit up the sky welcoming winter. Wonder Project took care of every detail of the event, from the staging to the management of the artistic cast to the direction that connected the three main squares with giant screens that allowed all guests in Courmayeur to simultaneously experience a unique, immersive thrill.